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    So hard to choose a favorite but mine is La Demi



    I think my favorite is episode 21 where Nico talks about his ayahuasca trip.



    Yeah that one is really dope



    My fave is definitely Ep.4 with Kyle. I’ve listened to it many times, and each time I get emotional. The love came through so clearly and openly.



    No question that La Demi is my fav!!! Nico and Demi together are FIRE. 🔥🔥🔥



    I loved E19 with Ian Daniel. Both of them were very open and vulnerable with each other and they really bounced off each other’s energy



    It is really tough to choose my favorite, so I’m going to cheat and give my top 5 (in no particular order).

    5. Bethany. She’s an amazing person and her & Nico’s story is so beautiful, unique, and inspiring.

    4. Paige. There is just something about her. I’m not even sure what it is. Her ability to express her emotions is amazing. Her vulnerability is lovely & she captured a piece of my heart

    3. Nico’s episode about himself. I literally cried for about an hour after listening to it. It was so raw & emotional the way he talked about his spiritual journey in Peru.

    2. Jeremy. Love, Race, & Poltics are three topics that always get my intellectual juices going so listening to Nico & Jeremy mentally converse for an hour about all these topics was really special for me

    1. Ian. I felt like we (the audience) got to hear two souls spark in real time. The fact they care so much about each other now is really lovely. I wish them much love & happiness.



    I have to say my favorite episodes was Ian. Just listening to them go back and forth you literally heard two people (strangers at that) connect with each other on such a deep level. The first thing i thought after listening was that i think they will end up dating because they seem so great for each other. So the fact that they are now and you can tell it’s something special i’m so happy for them.



    I loved ep 9 with Ryan and ep 19 with Ian.
    Probably because Nico didn’t know either of them as well as he knew other guests so the conversation was pretty raw and new for him as well, not having the comfort of long time friendship to fall back in during potential awkward moments. Yet they were just as great as all the others! And I have to say I adore the relationship that’s blossomed between Nico and Ian! It’s a beautiful thing when two souls meet and connect, no matter the nature of the connection.

    I also loved the ep with Joey Gray! I’ve followed him on instagram for a while now and it was nice to hear him give his perspective on things! (he also has a sexy ass voice! Lol)



    Seems like a lot of people liked Ian’s episode – I will have to go back and listen to that one again!



    Nico & Bethany’s episode was my personal fave, their relationship is everything



    Honestly I haven’t listened to all the eps but the ep with Kyle was so hard to listen to. I felt like I shouldn’t have been listening in on it almost like I was eavesdropping on something extremely raw and personal. I loved Ian’s ep and am a huge Gaycation fan and really enjoyed hearing a different more personal side of his personality.


    Laurie Meow Mix

    Bethany, Kyle, La Demi, Love and Ian <3



    I have a couple faves. The one with Hilary Duff is up there. She’s been my idol since I was eight, and compared to a lot of the heavier conversations he’s had with guests, it’s lighthearted and fun. Would love for him to do another interview with her in a more intimate setting. I also like the one with Molly Bernard, since I didn’t know a lot about her outside of her Younger character. My number one fave would have to be Bethany’s episode, though. Her and Nico’s relationship is so rare and special, and I love hearing their stories.

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