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    hi everyone! my name is maggie and i’m from chicago. i just recently was introduced to TLB and am so happy to be here! these episodes are so powerful, raw, rich, honest, and fulfilling. i realized a couple years ago that i identify as sexually fluid and finding these podcasts have validated me in a way that i have never felt, and i am so thankful for that. growing up i insisted that i was straight because that was the only option in my community. i was too scared to admit to having any other feelings, and for awhile, i believed myself because i didn’t really have strong feelings for anyone other than cis-gender men. after ending an abusive relationship my senior year of high school, i have been on a personal journey to figure out my true feelings. i realized that i do have feelings for people besides cis-gender men, but i didn’t identify with the label of bisexual, it didn’t feel right. nor did the label of pansexuality, so i was lost for awhile. i’ve been studying women’s and gender studies in college for 3 years now and i’ve realized that i feel most comfortable identifying with fluidity. listening to the first episode of TLB made my heart soar and i could not stop smiling. Nico said “liquid is life” and i felt an instant sense of relief. what i feel is valid and true and real and raw and i am just so grateful to have found TLB. i feel understood in ways that i haven’t before, by people that i’ve never met, and that is so empowering. the love bomb is something special. happy to have experienced it!



    This is awesome, Maggie. This is your life – make your own rules! <3

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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