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    Nico retweeted this from Spoke this morning:

    “Actual footage of our relationship curator upon learning that @nicotortorella is moving on from @lovebombpodcast”

    Love Bomb going bye bye? 🙁



    Wulp, I’m listening to the new episode (didn’t have time to do my usual Tuesday morning listen this morning) … it’s the final episode. FACK. Stings of sadness, but so much gratitude for the beautiful gift.

    Also, I had to transcribe this from the intro:

    “Dear God, I ask only this: that I find love in myself for a lifetime of bliss. It is with that moment that I accept myself, and understand that love is life’s greatest help. All around, I will extend an outstretched hand, open my heart to my fellow man, and when it comes time for my heart’s true mate – I will allow them in with little debate. For when I find love within myself, and understand that life isn’t power or wealth, I release myself to your loving will, and with your love, my heart will fill. I then can give myself to others. Lovers, friends, sisters and brothers will all be a part of what I have learned: that my love is more than free – it is gratefully earned.”

    All the love. <3

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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